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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is possibly the best Lego Game that has come out of the TT Games stables. After all it combines my childhood favourite i.e. Lego with my current favourite i.e. Marvel!

While the premise is the same of all Lego games, i.e. smash bricks to collect studs, take on various fun/basic puzzles (lots of building!) and collect items, it’s the way the Marvel universe has been utilised that makes this such an appealing game. From the funny cut scenes to the sheer amount of playable characters, it all adds up to make this a gem of a game!

In total you have over a hundred Marvel characters to play with and unlock, including fan favourites such as the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and the characters from the Fantastic Four. However what’s cool is that you get to play as these characters from the off, so you don’t have to wait ages to unlock them; though half the fun of this game is finding the new characters and testing their powers!

As far as the single player campaign goes (which can be done cooperatively) you have to defeat Doctor Doom and his Doom Ray of Doom, but to thwart your efforts he has hired a bunch of evil Marvel characters to aid him, such as Loki, Magneto and Doctor Octopus.

Each character has their own special abilities so some can blast fire, turn objects to ice (to put out fires), manipulate minds or metal objects. Personally I love playing as Iron man, who has the ability to fly, destroy special silver bricks or cut through gold with his laser.

Then you have my other favourite, The Hulk, which shouts “Hulk Smash” just before he piles his fists into the ground. Plus in certain parts of the game you have to switch back to Bruce Banner and this results in a cool little animation effect.

In fact the animation quality of the Lego figures is spot on and this is helped by plenty of varied lush backdrops and secrets to unlock during the main storyline of the game.

But like most Lego titles you can’t complete a level fully until you go back in Free Play. Once here you can then switch between the characters that you have unlocked/purchased (using in-game currency i.e. Lego studs) and use their unique abilities.

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