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Xbox E3 2014 Highlights

We must admit the whole showcase from Microsoft @ E3 2014 was a complete change from last year’s corporate look and feel. Phil Spencer (the head of Xbox) took centre stage looking modernised and a lot more chilled out than his predecessors.

This cool vibe was felt throughout the whole stage setup, as it was colourful and inviting, allowing people to focus on what was pretty much games orientated content from the off!

There were several new trailers of games displayed at the show, that in fairness we already knew about, such as Evolve (which we want bad!) and they gave some of the show floor to the ID@Xbox program; which showcased some of the cool indie games coming out. However for the big hitters there was at least several games that were showcased with actual live gameplay….

Surprisingly first off the bat was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - which is not exactly an Xbox exclusive but like the other titles in the franchise - the Xbox platform will get first dibs on the DLC.

This time the game is set in the year 2054 and the gameplay footage shown below certainly showcases this with some cool new abilities, such as the grenades that reveal all of the people under-cover.

You can see the gameplay footage from the show below…

Forza Horizon 2

Next up was Turn 10, the developers of Forza 5. In fact Dan Greenwalt started the ball rolling with news that the famous Nürburgring track will be released as a free download for Forza 5 –  we have checked and you can get this now (2.8GB update!) 

They then turned to their latest instalment in the franchise - 'Forza Horizon 2'. This is an open world driving game that does look pretty stunning thanks to the dynamic weather conditions and lighting effects. The game is set to launch on September 30th on the Xbox One and 360 and will include 200 cars, the aforementioned dynamic weather conditions, day/night modes, plus dedicated servers for online multiplayer action.

Drivatar’s are also back and they will be able to cope with the open world aspect, but more interestingly is the ability to join clubs with up to a 1000 members.

Here is the trailer below…

Assassin’s Creed Unity

We must admit to not being a fan of the last few outings, but the latest Assassin’s Creed title ‘Unity’ (set in 18th century Paris) caught our fancy, mainly because it provided 4-player co-op support and they showed this in action with some live gameplay.  This should be out by the end of the year only on the new-gen consoles.

Sunset Overdrive

We got to see a funny opening trailer for the Xbox One Exclusive game Sunset Overdrive and this looks set to be a deal breaker in terms of selling the console. Graphically it looks fantastic (really colourful and inviting), but more importantly the gameplay looked great to; with the insanity/humour levels turned up to max.

It reminds us of Dead Rising 3 and Serious Sam in some ways, with the over the top explosions. However it also incorporates wall running and grinding as you can grind along (with your feet we must add) along the edges of most objects seamlessly. You can see the gameplay footage below which was taken from the show.

Fable Legends

It’s been a while since a Fable game has caught our attention, but this latest outing from Lionhead Studies looks like it could be the best version yet.

Granted at first it looked like it was going to be more of the same, but then we were treated to some of the new 4-player co-op gameplay elements; which showed a range of combat moves, magic and sword play. Our only concern is that the combat does not get too repetitive otherwise it may turn into a button bashing frenzy! 

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