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IEEE expert says 3D printing, VR and AI will lead the next industrial revolution

We are in the platinum age of innovation where technology governs almost every aspect of our life, so it’s not surprise to see technology revolutionising the manufacturing process at rapid pace. But what technological trends will drive the next evolution in manufacturing?

IEEE experts look at three technologies that will take centre stage for the manufacturing industry’s greatest reform:

• 3D Printing
• VR
• Artificial Intelligence

Dr Kevin Curran, senior member of the IEEE and reader of computer science at Ulster University states:

“3D printing can be seen as ushering in a third industrial age. It is a real and viable option to reduce costs through improved designs and streamlined prototyping – the aerospace and automotive industry are just some industrial sectors that have already adopted this technology in their manufacturing process.

“VR technology allows organisations to build VR models, explore them and see how changes would impact them – as Ford and BAE have done in their manufacturing process, resulting in a more cost-effective and agile method to building physical models in the early stages of development.

“AI is crucial for all machines learning and adaptive their behaviour so they can modify existing capabilities to cope with environmental changes allowing the machines to make much more informed manufacturing decisions eventually replacing humans in many aspects of the manufacturing process”

IEEE have created a video looking at advanced manufacturing and what we can expect in the future, which you can view below.