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Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference: Where to watch?

It’s hard to believe that it's been a year since the next-gen consoles were announced. Granted on the Microsoft front they would state themselves that it wasn't the best reveal and subsequently a lot of U-turns have been met since then. However all of this is water under the bridge now and the Xbox E3 2014 conference is all about the games! Note: E3 runs from the 9-12 June.

In fact they had so much to cram in to their allocated time slot that they needed to move a lot of the announcements pre-E3, such as the Kinect-less bundle, which in some ways was a wise move as it gets all of the potential back lash out of the way early and thus we can concentrate on what games are on offer :-)

The press conference will be going live from 5.30PM BST (British Summer Time) today and you can catch it below (note requires Adobe Flash) or via the Xbox website, Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/xbox, Windows Phone app, Xbox 360 or Xbox One interface. Note a post-show will also be shown on Twitch afterwards.

Watch live video from xbox on www.twitch.tv

You can also interact/keep track of the E3 conference via Twitter using the following #E3, #E32014 or #XboxE3

We must admit to looking forward to the show, so let’s hope we get to see some fresh new ideas with plenty of Gameplay!

EA, UBiSoft & Nintendo @ E3 2014

Shortly after Microsoft finish their E3 press conference on the Monday, you can also watch EA (with Battlefield Hardline stream), Ubisoft,  Bethesda and Techland take to the floor. Sony PlayStation will be going live on early Tuesday morning.

We have embedded the full Twitch stream below (again this requires Adobe Flash Support) or you can view this over at…


Watch live video from Twitch on www.twitch.tv