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Space Rift will be released for Virtual Reality in summer 2016

bitComposer Interactive has announced that Vibrant Core's Virtual Reality game Space Rift will be released for Virtual Reality in summer 2016.

The action space adventure Space Rift is compatible for all PC Virtual Reality headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and others. Space Rift is one of the first science fiction space adventures developed specifically for Virtual Reality hardware.

The new technology guarantees gamers a breathtaking playing feel. In summer 2016, the Windows version of Space Rift will first be released for $19.99 RRP (approx £14). Only a few weeks later a PS4 as well as an Android version will be available.

Immersive gameplay

In the action-heavy space adventure Space Rift, the gamer takes full control over a veteran pilot's spaceship in the midst of an oppression-filled tyranny. After endless years of war, humankind was forced to emigrate to Mars and has been living under an enormous glass dome ever since.

The organisations WEYSS and PANDORA have the monopoly on vital resources, such as water and oxygen, and force the rest of humankind to live a sorry existence in slavery. In Space Rift the gamer steps into the role of Casey Black, who is also struggling to survive. He unexpectedly joins a secret grouping and takes on the fight for the independence of humankind with the help of said group.

Virtual Reality: science fiction closer than ever before

In bitComposer Interactive’s Space Rift, science fiction lovers get their money’s worth. Gamers steer their spaceship through the galaxy and fly through space in their own VR cockpit with panoramic view. They collect valuable resources to upgrade their space ship and use them later on in the dangerous battle against their enemies. Thanks to the VR technology the gamers do not only watch the fights, but find themselves right in the midst of the battle for the freedom of mankind.

For further information, please go to the game’s website: http://spacerift-thegame.com.