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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 history is once again under threat from Towa and Mira who have gathered the most fearsome names in the Dragon Ball Z universe in order to help them destroy history as we know it! In a nutshell it's up to you and the time patrol, to stop them!

Of course the above won’t mean much to those who haven’t played the original, but for fans of the series (which I am) I think the second instalment of the fighting role-playing video game, is fantastic!

Bigger City!

DB 11

The developers have really outdone themselves and have given us so much with the sequel, Toki-Toki city for example has evolved and has become Conton city. It even links to your old game and makes your previously created character the hero of the city.

The city itself now provides you with a vehicle to get about and when you get a license you can also fly all over the city, which I have to say is pretty darn cool, especially when you’re on the multiplayer server and you are all flying together.

You still have your team registration and your online patrol stations if you want to team up with others and likewise you have your little shopping square where you can buy your combat gear, but then you also get a little city scene where there’s a Time Patrol School which you are taught the basics by Elder Kai (your mentor).

The Time Patrol School is basically where your master will be after you have completed a set of initiation tests and the trainers have agreed to instruct you.  Completing quests and training with them allows you to build on the relationship and master their unique super and ultimate attacks which are used in combat.

Get those Dragon Balls!

In the game one of the key aims is to collect the mystical orbs known as Dragon Balls, once 7 balls are collected this will allow you to head to the Dragon Shrine and summon the mighty Shenron!

Shenron will then grant you wishes, which could range from wanting more money to increasing your strength or improving your attacking powers while in combat – so it is really worth trying to find them across the Xenoverse by fighting Time Patrollers.

New Areas

DB 6

The city also offers five new areas that you must travel to through time portals.

The first area consists of the planet Namek and here you must help the Namekian ‘Nail’ retrieve the Dragon balls before the Ginyu force defeat him and take the balls to their master Freeza. For those who don’t know Freeza is one of the most evil and powerful character's in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Next it's on to Freeza’s ship where you must pay a mix capsule to gain entry and take on challenges which get harder as you rise through the ranks to become a soldier in his army.  

Another area is Majin Buu's ship, where if you travel here and feed him food – which can be found all over Conton city - he will split into his family and fight with them to get stronger.

Then there’s Hercules’ house where you can become his body guard and he will set you challenges like getting a 46 hit combo during combat, which I did have trouble getting to.

Last but not least you have Capsule corp, where you can do two things. First there is Vegeta (the prince of the fallen aggressive warrior race known as Saiyan) who will spar with you if you prove yourself worth his time. Yet this is only worth doing if you choose to play as the Saiyan race as it is here you are taught the secrets to obtain the true power of a Saiyan and become a Super Saiyan (que girly scream!). 

I think this was such a nice touch not having to do a mission for the ability, but having to train with Vegeta and then Vegeta and Goku was really amazing.

The second is Bulma who has created a machine that will merge amour for you so you can have your favourite and add other armour to it in order to make it stronger.

These are really great additions that have kept me occupied for ages. I have played some of the story but not enough to get the full plot yet, but all I can say is the graphics look smoother and the fighting is even quicker in my eyes!

Combat More of the Same

DB 12

You can see a glimpse of the combat in action in our montage video below but combat-wise it's the same two button mashing as the previous game, where a press of the X button (Xbox One) triggers a light blow and Y triggers a heavy blow. 

However you can also manipulate the B button to produce a light Ki blast, but if you hold the button down you get a medium barrage attack which I think was a lovely touch.

All you super attacks are still activated through holding the right trigger and pressing the corresponding button. This system is still fully customisable for your preference of supers, so you could have Goku's famous Kamehameha blast or Vegeta's Galick Gun, it's all up to you.

I really like this system as there are no complicated combo's to remember, it’s just easy trigger and button pushes! This allows you to focus on the animation sequences during combat, which for me manages to capture the series that I love so much!


I nearly forgot to mention that with combat you also get a ranking system which works on a number of things, like did you get hit during battle, the time it took to beat the enemy or did you use an ultimate attack to finish of the final bad guy.

All these factors are taken into consideration and you will be awarded a rank from Z, being the ultimate, to D, being the lowest. The better the rank the more XP and money you get for levelling your character quicker!  Mind you I did find combat a tad easier in this game or maybe my skills have improved from the original, as I did manage to get Z ranking in most of the missions!

Even so on the whole though I believe combat offers the best balance out of both the sequel and the previous outing. This time it has been made more about skills and not about the game giving you all the super insane abilities from the early stages.

DB 3

Not all Golden Balls!

Don't get me wrong there are still some bits I find lacking with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, for example the loading screen is just a bright white screen that can actually hurt your eyes and it still takes a while to load each area, so you may want to lower the brightness to help during those moments.

I also find that when getting a mission in the story mode that you have to keep pressing the A button to get the characters to progress to their scripted speech, so this does start to get a little annoying and the music is very old arcade style to.

These are the only things that really bothered me though, but like I said I am a huge fan of the franchise and the game series in general, so it’s something I can live with.

For the Fans

Of course this game is still heavily aimed at fans, in terms of the story and how this game ties into the whole Dragon Ball Universe, but I think if you are new to this franchise it does give you a small glimpse into the saga so far and who knows playing the game may make you a fan!


Despite the odd niggle Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a fitting sequel that really offers the fans, in particular, a lot of enjoyment. It has all the old things we loved from the series and it also adds elements from the latest films that have recently come out as well. In a nutshell if you loved the first title Xenoverse 2 does not disappoint!

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Best online price from Amazon for £39.99 (Reviewed on Xbox One).

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