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  • FIFA 08 Review

    FIFA 08 Review

    Again we need to point out that our experience with the FIFA range of games is a touch on the low side, we have only dabbled slightly with older versions of FIFA, so we will be treating the game from a newcomers point of view.

  • Crysis Review

    Crysis Review

    Yep we know we are late again with our game reviews, but we can't stop playing this game long enough to write about it. But now that we have finally finished Crysis we will bring you are thoughts.

  • Tiger Woods Golf 2008 Review

    Tiger Woods Golf 2008 Review

    We have to admit we have never played any of the previous Tiger Woods games, so the review is based from a newbie perspective, but we will do our best to bring you the facts.

  • Call of Duty 4 Review

    Call of Duty 4 Review

    After playing the demo the other week we were extremely excited to get our review copy last Friday and yes we did go crazy over the weekend and played it till the end so we could write this review and then get back to the fight.

  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Review

    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Review

    We have to admit we did not play the original Company of Heroes until after all the hype had settled down, but once we started playing we were addicted, so when we got the opportunity to review the expansion pack 'Opposing Fronts', we jumped at the chance.

  • Complete Battlefield Collection Review

    Complete Battlefield Collection Review

    When EA sent us the Complete Battlefield Collection Edition, which features all the expansion and booster packs ever released for Battlefield 2, it was perfect timing as it gave us chance to visit some of the booster packs that we had never had the chance to purchase.

  • Attack on Pearl Harbor Review

    Attack on Pearl Harbor Review

    Attack on Pearl Harbor is a game based around the events of the surprise military strike by the Japanese on the morning of Sunday, 7 December 1941, which brought the U.S. into World War II.

  • Need For Speed Carbon Review

    Need For Speed Carbon Review

    Need For Speed Carbon (NFSC) is roughly based on the Fast and Furious movies, you remember the one with Vin diesel? Well the plot is similiar as you and a bunch of fellow boy racers (or girl racers) bomb it around the streets competing with each other for prize money and of course a chance to show off your flash cars.

  • Command & Conquer 3 Review

    Command & Conquer 3 Review

    We have to admit this is the first time we have re-visited Command & Conquer for nearly a decade, granted we bought the Red Alert version and Tiberian Sun but never really tried Renegade. So we did not know that to expect when we ventured back into the latest RTS installment from EA and to be honest it’s almost like we have never left.

  • Test PC

    Test PC

    All the products we get in to review are normally compared or run on our test PC - which we ourselves use day-in-day-out. For this review we simply walk through each of the components that are housed in our server case (which we call Goliath), followed by some benchmark results.

  • Call of Juarez Review

    Call of Juarez Review

    We had the pleasure of playing the preview version of Call of Juarez (COJ) - Juarez pronounced with a Y - a month or so back. But for the last couple of days we have been playing the full version and all we have to say is "At last we have a Wild West shooter that not only looks amazing, but plays well to"!

  • EL Matador Review

    EL Matador Review

    There will be loads of puns about the games name, because El Matador sounds like a Bull Fighting game and we need to set the record straight that this is a load of bull! - sigh (ed). Ok so if it's not about Bull Fighting, what is it about? Well think of Max Payne (your character viewed from 3rd person and slow mo's), mix in a touch of Far Cry style locations and add the voice over tones of a Sam Fisher clone - aka the main man from Splinter Cell and you can get an idea what the gameplay is like.

  • Battlefield 2142 Review

    Battlefield 2142 Review

    BF2142 has been out for a month now, so we thought we would add our thoughts and views regarding the sequel to one of the best online experiences out there, namely BF2. After all the promises of the game being tested to death before its release, the moment we installed the product there was a patch out for it, this must be a world record and already the anticipation of having to download whopping 500meg patches sprang to mind, luckily the patches so far have been small (17mb and 20mb).

  • Night Watch Review

    Night Watch Review

    The Night Watch game is based around the plot lines of the books and film, though it explores a few of the avenues not covered in the movie adaptation, so it can appeal to those who have never seen the film.