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  • EL Matador Review

    EL Matador Review

    There will be loads of puns about the games name, because El Matador sounds like a Bull Fighting game and we need to set the record straight that this is a load of bull! - sigh (ed). Ok so if it's not about Bull Fighting, what is it about? Well think of Max Payne (your character viewed from 3rd person and slow mo's), mix in a touch of Far Cry style locations and add the voice over tones of a Sam Fisher clone - aka the main man from Splinter Cell and you can get an idea what the gameplay is like.

  • Battlefield 2142 Review

    Battlefield 2142 Review

    BF2142 has been out for a month now, so we thought we would add our thoughts and views regarding the sequel to one of the best online experiences out there, namely BF2. After all the promises of the game being tested to death before its release, the moment we installed the product there was a patch out for it, this must be a world record and already the anticipation of having to download whopping 500meg patches sprang to mind, luckily the patches so far have been small (17mb and 20mb).

  • Night Watch Review

    Night Watch Review

    The Night Watch game is based around the plot lines of the books and film, though it explores a few of the avenues not covered in the movie adaptation, so it can appeal to those who have never seen the film.